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Funktion-One Sound System

FROSTBEAT brings you the No.1 sound system in the world, the much sought after Funktion-One. It's difficult to not see why it has this status once you have heard a properly set up system in a good acoustic space. Their entire range of speakers delivers unbelievable quality and power creating an epic sonic experience. We have a few different configurations that we can set our systems up in to cater for small house party type events, to more serious stuff with around 500 people. Funktion-One is the final word in quality when it comes to sound and their cutting edge innovations set them far ahead of the industry leaders. The systems sound crystal clear but punchy at the same time, delivering deep, defined bass whether just playing softly in the background, or turned right up to max. It's impossible to describe in words how great these systems sound, the best way to understand it is to hear it for yourself. 
You find Funktion-One sound systems in some of the top clubs around the world, and they are extremely popular in dance type events, but that certainly doesn't mean you can only use them for that sort of thing, we've used our systems for a lot of corporate functions, house parties and live performances. There's no limitations on where you can benefit from the quality. It's the kind of sound that can be playing a good audible level without you having to struggle hearing what the person sat next to you is saying. There's no screeching or nasty vibrations, just slick, smooth, controlled sound which is sure to blow your guests away!